Friday, December 23, 2011

Winter Jam

A company here called Stadium (which sells sports goods) hosted an event called Winter Jam and it piqued Dale and my interest enough that we decided to attend. I was excited the event was at Stadion, Stockholm's  Olympic Stadium which was built for the 1912 Stockholm Summer Olympics. I hadn't been inside yet and I was interested to see the inside. Dale was, of course, interested in the skiing and snowboarding.
It turned out to be a beautiful day and it reminded us a lot of Colorado to watch the snow sports. As the events began we weren't terribly impressed. No one was landing their jumps and the tricks were lacking. But as the evening continued things got better and the audience really got into it.
Dale gave the event a thumbs up. By the finals people were landing most of the time and sure enough a Swede came in first making the crowd go wild. From where we were sitting in the stands we were next to some British girls who kept talking like they knew everything about skiing and snowboarding but Dale and I were pretty convinced they had never been down a mountain. They provided good entertainment for us though!
When things were all said and done they brought out the top three's prizes and of course a throne for first place.
And then, because how could you have a winter event without it?, they brought out the motor cross event. Ha! Silly Swedes! But it was fun to watch the 'winter' bike jumps too. I think they are trying to get people in Sweden into the sport.
It did our little Colorado hearts good to feel a bit of home and see some of that white stuff. You would think being so much farther North we would have tons of it but nope. It's Dec. 23rd and we've had one snow storm which left maybe an inch of snow and that quickly melted off. It's been one of the hottest winters in Stockholm history! Insanity!
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