Monday, November 22, 2010


Things are moving right along for our pending move to Stockholm. Dale's got a job, I'm getting close to having a job, we've applied for our visas, and the paperwork for our housing is being processed. I've begun using Rosetta Stone to learn Swedish. It's completely different from English and one unit down I can already tell learning the language is going to be one of the hardest parts of moving over seas. For example, I don't understand is "Jag förstår inte" see?! No resemblance to English at all. I'm hoping I'll at least know enough Swedish to be able to get around by the time we move. I've heard 90% of Swedes speak English but I'd still like to learn Swedish and I have a life goal to be bi-lingual so this is the perfect chance!

We've also been going through the house donating unneeded items and selling bigger things on craigslist. It's sad to see some of the stuff go, like the tandem Dale and I restored, but mostly it's surprising how much unnecessary stuff we have. While I've been busy with all of this, Dale's been working his tale off trying to complete his research project, revise his thesis, and schedule his defense. So, we're both making good progress and even though we're still over a month away from the move I'm starting to get really excited! And also a bit sad to say goodbye to all my friends and family!

Here's a map of Stockholm I've customized for you all:

View Matilda's Stockholm in a larger map

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Katy said...

I'm so excited you are doing a blog, YAY! Now we can keep up with your new adventures in Europe and feel like we are traveling right along with you.

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