Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ciao Chiang Mai

After a sleepy morning we got up and had lunch at our favorite spot in Chiang Mai, Heuan Phen. their lunch spread is great! The place is packed with locals and the dishes are smaller so it's a bit like tapas and you can order several things to get a taste of the Northern style foods and fill your belly. You wont be disappointed here! I think we ate there 3 times in total and weren't once disappointed. I of course finished my food in Northern Thailand with my favorite Northern Dish the Kow Soy (and a Thai Iced Tea of course!) and Dale enjoyed chicken satay and BBQ ribs, yummy! Then it was off to the airport to head to Southern Thailand but I have just a few more bits of Chiang Mai I wan to share before we say ciao to Chiang Mai.
Of course one of these bits is a temple! :) Wat Chedi Luang is ruins of a Lanna-style chedi dating to 1441 and it is where the Emerald Buddha was originally located. The ruins are quite beautiful and it was interesting to see a temple of a different style since this one is not covered in gold nor does it have bright colors and dark wood everywhere. The brick and stucco was an interesting change of take in.
On the temple grounds are of course many Buddhas but most notably a beautiful and fairly large sized reclining Buddha. This one doesn't compare to the reclining Buddha in Bangkok but is magnificent in it's own way. We learned when the Buddha is in the reclining position like this it's the final stage before entering nirvana. The hair on this one is particularly Lanna style.
I also wanted to share this nice picture of Dale enjoying his favorite Thai beer Chang. Which we have decided must be pronounced with extra emphasis on the 'a' so it sounds like 'Chaaaaaang'. 
Big chaaaaaangs for all! Okay, now we can venture to the beach! Ciao Chiang Mai, until next time!
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