Sunday, December 19, 2010

Is there a Doctor in the House?

Why yes, yes there is! On Friday Dale successfully defended his PhD. For Electrical Engineering, and for Dale in particular, this involved a preliminary exam, a qualifying exam, 4 and 1/2 years of PhD research, writing various papers, attending and presenting at various conferences, writing his dissertation, and finally defending his PhD in front of all his colleagues and committee members.
Dale during his defense
Dale's Brother Alan, Dale's Mom Linda, Dale, Me, and Dale's Dad Daryl after the defense
It just so happened that Friday was also graduation and after the defense his advisor suggest he walk in graduation so on a whim we went to graduation and Jorge hooded Dale.
Jorge hooding Dale
Dale and I after graduation
We of course did much celebrating after the graduation and after over a decade of being a college student Dale is very excited for the next chapter in his life. It was a long road but Dale did it! So proud of him! 

Love Always,


Gonzalo Avaria said...

Hey Mattie! Congrats to Dale! and to you too... you should be very proud since this is also your degree, all the years holding on and supporting Dale every day and sleepless nights are an important part of the chapter that has finished now.

I'm glad for you both. I hope we'll be able to celebrate at least a little bit! and to say good bye after you go to the new life you'll be living now.

A great kiss from the southern part of the world (were is very warm! 100F today!)

Have some great holidays!
Gonzalo and Norma

Matilda said...

Thanks guys! Hope all is well in sunny Chile, it's cold here and the mountains are predicted to get almost 8 feet of snow from this storm! 100 F sounds very nice! But Stockholm will be colder then here so I can't complain :) Hope to see you before we take off. Una abrazo por los dos!

Przemek said...

Hi Mattie and Dale,
My congratulations, this is quite an achievement. Dale and you of course should be very proud :). I'm happy for both of you and wish you all the best in the future.

Best regards to you and Dale, from Poland, where the days are short and frigid.

Hope to see you soon and Merry Christmas.

Edu Granados said...

Congratulations Dale & Mattie! Hope to see you guys in Stockholm sometime soon, take care and now is time to celebrate and enjoy this huge achievement! Big hugs,


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