Saturday, December 11, 2010

Movin' and Shakin'

I'll be packin' all weekend and that means I'll be jamming out to some quality music! I created a playlist so you all can move and shake with me :)

It's mostly what Dale has dubbed "Mattie Music" meaning slower beat, good vocals, and quality instrument playing skills. I throughly love each artist and if you've never heard of one of them you should check them out!
Leave a comment and let me know which song you like the best, which video you love the most, or maybe just how much you hate all my music selections (but hopefully you don't).
Love Always,


Charissa said...

I'm listening to the music while working. It's great!

I couldn't play Hanuman on windows media player because the music is not from this country. Weird!

I really enjoyed Joshua Radin.

I remember seeing Xavier Rudd in concert in college. I thought it was so strange. It sounds really good now. Different time, different place, I suppose.

Matilda said...

Joshua Radin is great, you should check out his other stuff!! And that's funny media player wont let you listen to foreign music, who knew?!

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