Tuesday, December 14, 2010


We are now playing a waiting game. Everything we can control is in order. We check the websites for news constantly, but there really isn't anything. (Why have a website to give updates when it doesn't do that??) We need the check number to see the status but we were only ever given the case number. We called the embassy and referenced our case number and they gave us our check number . . . or a check number anyway but not ours! Luckily Dale's soon-to-be-boss has been super helpful through this whole process and he called the embassy and got news for us. Dale's visa has been approved! They are processing mine now and we are told it wont be a problem that we aren't legally married but applying for visas together. In the land of socialism (as I have been referring to Sweden lately) they have a word for people who are committed to each other but aren't legally married and this term is "Sambo" which literally means a partner that you live together with under marital conditions without being formally married: “Sam” is an abbreviation of together and “bo” means live. Isn't it nice to have a term for this? Here in the States I can't even tell you how many people give me sideways looks for having a boyfriend for over 8 years now and the flotilla of questions that I inevitably get when they discover this fact. Why don't you just get married? When are you going to get married? What are you waiting for? And on and on it goes. I'm hoping that in Sweden people wont give me the sideways looks and the flotilla of questions. I'll keep you posted on how this turns out! Anyway, Dale's sambo visa was approved and now they are working on mine. The embassy said it would be one week more maximum and then we can FINALLY buy our plane tickets. Plane tickets to D.C. to get the visas and tickets to Stockholm for the big move and maybe even a plane ticket from D.C. to Boston for a quick visit. (I did a quick price out and one ways Denver - DC - Boston - Stockholm is actually the cheapest option, hooray) As a capricorn, not having a definate date for any of this is killing me. But the waiting is almost over . . .or so I think :)
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Charissa said...

That is so interesting about the word Sambo. Leave it to the socialist to be so much more advanced...LOL. I am just so excited for your blog so I can keep up to date with your life! Thank you for sharing!

Matilda said...

It's a pretty cool concept right?! Plus Sambo just sounds cool! Hehe. Thanks for following the blog, hopefully I can keep it up like you have!

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