Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hendaye and Hondarribia

We took another small adventure outside of San Sebastian to go to Hendaye, France and Hondarribia, Spain. They are neighboring cities on opposite sides of a river and they are both beautiful.
First we went to Hendaye, France and walked along the super packed beach. It was a gorgeous day and it felt good to soak up the sun with our toes in the sand.
Once we had had enough of the crowd we jumped in the car and went over to Hondarribia, Spain. I must say, I really liked this tiny fishing village. Their was a rowing competition the day we were there but Hondarribia's team didn't win unfortunately. That didn't stop the locals from celebrating and showing their team pride. Everyone was dressed in the town's green and they were out in the streets BBQing. We stopped for one last pintxo of a fresh fish of the day and it was the best pintxo of the trip. So good!

We continued walking the streets a bit more before hopping back in the car and heading back to San Sebastian for one last night of fireworks. I wish we had more time to explore all the beautiful tiny villages in the area, hopefully someday!
Farewell Spain! I cannot wait to return, and it better be soon because I'm almost out of the delicious Basque cheese Edu's Mom sent me home with!
Love Always,


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