Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sweden's Royal Palace

A couple days after I finished my 10k my Mom came to visit! I got incredibly spoiled and my Bosses let me have the whole time she was here off to visit with her. On our first day in the city we went to the Royal Palace on Gamla Stan. I had walked past the palace before but never been in it. My favorite part was probably the treasury in the basement. Unfortunately they don't allow pictures there so I can't share it with you. They have the crowns, orbs, scepters, and capes going back hundreds of years on display. Pretty neat!
Upstairs from the treasury is the Hall of State where the King's throne sits.
In 1975 the power officially switched to parliament so today the throne and Hall of State are only used for official functions. Like Princess Victoria's wedding reception last summer. From the Hall of State we walked through the Royal Apartments where we found the Queen's throne. I think the Queen's throne is more impressive than the King's but hey, that's just my style.
I also made Mom pose next to one of the many Swedish ceramic fireplace's, Kakelugnar, in the Royal Apartments. I want one. Dale's an engineer, he can make me one someday. Right? :)
Finally, as we were leaving the palace we walked around the outside and watched the guards for a minute.
It was so much fun learning about Swedish history and seeing the wealth of the Royal Family.
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