Friday, September 30, 2011

Ships, Foodhalls, and Concerts

For the next day of fun with Mom, we went to the Vasa Museum in the morning followed by lunch at Östermalm's Saluhall and then relaxed at home for a bit before watching the firework concert at KTH. What a day!
This was my second time seeing the Vasa and she's still just as impressive. They put so much detail into building her and yet didn't check the engineering. I guess you can't win them all. After we finished there we walked from the museum to the Saluhall and even though it was a cloudy day it was nice to look at the boats and the shoreline so I made Mom stop for a pretty picture.
At the Saluhall we devoured some delicious traditional Swedish food. Mom had meatballs with lingon berries and I had cabbage rolls and we both left no crumb behind! Once our tummies were full we walked around and looked at the food in the stalls for a bit. I tried to get all the different varieties of herring into the picture below but there were too many. Alas, we did not buy any herring.
I also wanted to be sure to get a picture of the crawfish for sale. Crawfish season is coming to an end here but in August the Swedes have a tradition of eating cooked crawfish chilled in dill and salt accompanied by bread and Västerbotten cheese (You can read more about the tradition here: Our friends were kind enough to have us over for the wonderful party just before my Mom arrived and Dale and I enjoyed the meal. That's right folks, I ate the cold crawfish. I can't say it's something I need more of but it was fine. Anyway, I didn't take any pictures at the party so I wanted to be sure to get a picture here. 
After resting up a bit we cooked dinner and then headed over to KTH to watch their annual fall firework concert. The campus looked really pretty with all the people enjoying coffee and cinnamon buns and the candles and lights everywhere.
The opening bands weren't that great but by the end the bands were really good and we all enjoyed them very much. Once it got dark enough they lit off the fireworks right above my office. (In the picture below my office is in the very left corner but on the opposite end of the building)

Ok, so the fireworks couldn't come close to those Dale and I had just watched in San Sebastian. But they were really well timed and matched with the live orchestra. Having played in band during high school I can only imagine how hard it would be to play while fireworks are launched over your head. By the end of the show we were cold and tired so we hurried on home. It was a really nice day showing Mom around Stockholm!
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