Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hej då Stockholm

I can't believe my year in Europe is coming to an end already. We had the opportunity to stay longer but for many reasons we decided not to stay. Later when I have more time I'll write a post reflecting on my year in Stockholm. For now, I can't believe it's time to say hej då (goodbye). Our last week in Stockholm was full of getting things ready to ship home and getting Dale and I ready for our 'big finale' in Thailand.
Luckily we didn't buy too much during our year in Europe so packing wasn't too intimidating. And after moving in April via the bus and shipping around the world a year ago we know a thing or two about space management. Lets just say space bags are my best friend. Seriously, that's one amazing product!
When it was all said and done we had 6 boxes and 3 pieces of luggage being shipped back. Coming over to Stockholm we shipped 3 giant boxes (which roughly equal the 6 boxes going back) and checked the luggage. So I call that a success! Of course, Dale did take back a full big luggage in September when he happened to be stateside so maybe we did shop a little bit.

And so it is. Time to say goodbye already. :(
Love Always,


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