Saturday, January 7, 2012


Starting this holiday season of 2011, Stockholm is dreaming of being THE holiday destination and to do so they have really beefed up their holiday lights and decorations. The name of the project is called 'StockholmsJul' meaning Stockholm's Christmas. I've had a lot of fun walking around town checking out the lights and every inch of the city their is a surprise holiday decoration to be found. These classic Christmas trees and boughs are at the Opera house.
Sergels Torg has never looked finer than it does with the Christmas trees and reindeer. Usually I'm not so impressed with Sergels Torg but this time of the year I think it's worth it to stop by and see the lights. And as a bonus, their is a small Christmas Market set up in the shopping area below the trees and reindeer. Although, the market in Gamla Stan is much better in my opinion.
The streets around Sergels Torg are covered with many different lights, some are ornaments.
Others are stars with lit trails.
The department stores in town all put on Christmas displays every year and my coworkers were a buzz discussing what the displays would be this year. But even before they had visited them for the year, they all knew NK, Nordiska Kompaniet, would have the best display. Many a Stockholmer makes a tradition of going to see the displays. So of course I dragged Dale down to check it out and here's a picture from the display I found the most interesting.
Santa-tv-face was a little disturbing but less so than fairy godmother Santa. I guess after so many years of the displays they have to get pretty creative to come up with new displays every year. Mostly I was amazed at how packed the sidewalk was just to walk past the display. Swedes take the NK Christmas display pretty seriously!
But from what I can tell the most beloved Christmas decoration in the city is the beloved and giant Christmas Tree on Gamla Stan. The plaque below the tree says it is even bigger and more beautiful than the one in Rockefeller Center and this one is so beautiful it is not allowed to compete in Christmas tree beauty contests. Ha! Not so lagom Swedes. :)
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