Monday, January 16, 2012


Here's one more post of something I've wanted to share for a while but just haven't gotten around to yet. Grocery Stores in Sweden! Here's a look into the shelves of the store I shop at, PrisXtra. PrisXtra is one of the bigger shops in Stockholm and I like the variety of food I can get there and I also think they are cheaper than some of the other stores in town.
Mostly I wanted to show you all some of the things that are different at grocery stores here. For example, the picture above is cheese in a tube. This seemed pretty strange to me at first but it works! At least, for some cheeses it does. Cheddar in a tube is not so strange but shrimp cheese? Hmmm.
Also, the dairy aisle just kills me. It is long and filled with dairy of every level of fat content and flavor. You can buy saffron creme fraiche or olive cottage cheese. It overwhelms me. If I am shopping for milk or basic yogurt I am good to go. But if I need something a little bit more advanced then that I always resort to asking the nearest Swede for help.
And here's the final interesting thing about grocery shopping in Sweden. The herring aisle. It's almost as big as the dairy aisle. I don't know what all the different types are but I think it's pretty interesting that there are so many ways to prepare herring. I can't say I needed to figure out this aisle. I guess I didn't integrate into society so well on that account but eating herring at the special events was more then enough herring for me. Extra herring as home was not necessary for this American.
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Charissa said...

I've been glued reading your blog all morning! Wow, cheese in a tube? Crazy! I like how they hang them though, it seems so neat and organized.

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