Monday, October 24, 2011

Bondens Marknad

On Saturday's there are a few Farmer's Markets around Stockholm. On a recent Saturday Dale and I were finally around and didn't have plans so we finally got a chance to check out the Farmer's Market on Södermalm. 
It was pretty busy but it was also obvious it is the end of the Farmer's Market season. Apples galore, and apple juice were definitely in abundance. There were still the Swedish favorites, chanterelles! But I'm not a mushroom fan so I passed on those.
There was also a very colorful stand of make your own bouquet. I just loved looking at all the pretty and bold colors. But, I happened to have fresh flowers at home already so I passed on those too.
We did buy some things though.
Here are the goodies we came home with. Farm eggs, yummy tomatoes, and fall honey. All of which were delicious! I'm really enjoying the honey. It's already crystallized a bit unlike the vast majority of honey in the States and it tastes so fresh. My honey expertise it not enough to tell what the fall taste is though. In total, the market was not nearly as big or diverse as back in Colorado but there were still quite a few booths with different offerings. 
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