Monday, October 17, 2011


For Mom's last day in Sweden we took is easy and enjoyed the city. It was a windy day but I took her to the city overlook on Södermalm that I like to show people. That view never gets old.
Again, it was a windy day. I swear my Mom's hair doesn't look like that usually. 
Then we walked around a bit before we had our final fika together, and it sure was a good fika!
It was so nice to have some quality time with my Mom and we had an amazing time. What a treat! Love and miss you Mom!
Love Always,


Unknown said...

Mattie - I had a fantastic time visiting you and Dale! I have to say I've not done so much walking in a very long time. You are the best! Love and miss you. Maaa

P.S. Fika is not the same in the States.

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