Sunday, October 9, 2011

Crazy Copenhagen (Day 1, Part 2)

As we continued our day in Copenhagen we made our way to the Christiansborg Palace. Along the way we saw some beautiful brightly colored houses. I don't think I could ever get sick of looking at these houses. 
Christiansborg Palace is the seat of Denmark's three branches of power; the executive, judicial, and legislative. Here's Mom and me in front of the palace. It's a mixture of three styles, baroque, neo-baroque, and neoclassical, due to two fires.  
We kept walking over to Christiania to check out the Freetown before dark as we'd heard from our guide book and the locals that Christiania wasn't safe after dark. Along the way we saw this church spire. We didn't climb it but I thought the architecture was interesting.
Finally we were at our last destination for the day, Christiania. Christiania is a self governing portion of Copenhagen famous for its anarchic state and pusher street's hash stands. In 2004 Denmark police took down the stands and has been slowly trying to reintegrate Chrisitania to the rest of Denmark but while we were there pusher street was still alive and, shall we say, thriving. No photos are allowed on pusher street so I didn't document that for you but here's Dale and Mom entering Chrisitania and some architecture inside the 'town'.

It was interesting to see a hippie commune, I had never been to one before. No cars are allowed in the city and we saw several sheds on the main streets which served as closets for people to take or leave what they wished. Seems like a strange way to live for me but we saw children and families happy as can be. 
What a busy and interesting day in Copenhagen!
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