Thursday, October 6, 2011

Crazy Copenhagen (Day 1, Part 1)

Our first day exploring Copenhagen was a big one! We set off to Kastellet in the morning. Kastellet is a star shaped island which was originally made as a fortress but today serves as a park with an active military area. 
We had a nice morning stroll through the park looking at the animals, buildings, and statues. 
Right next to Kastellet is the National Symbol of Denmark, The Little Mermaid Statue which was built in honor of the famous tale by one of Denmark's most famous citizens, Hans Christian Anderson. The statue its self is not so impressive but when in Rome, right?
Next stop was the Saturday market because we just happened to be in town on a Saturday and we wanted to see what goodies we could find. It was a nice outdoor flea market at Israel Plads filled with antiques and vintage goods. Unfortunately though none of us found anything we couldn't live without. Fortunately though it also happened to be opening weekend of the new foodhall at Israel Plads so the place was packed and there were a ton of free samples and delicious looking (and smelling) food!
For lunch we settled on a confit de canard sandwich with cupcakes for dessert. I'm still the picky eater I've always been and duck leg sandwiches (with skin still on) didn't quite do it for me. Even Mom got a bit skeptical when she noticed the skin too!
Good thing we had divine cupcakes to fill the void the two bites of sandwich left in my tummy!
Stay tuned for the second half of the day. This was quite the adventurous day!
Love Always,


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