Sunday, November 20, 2011

The best hot dog stand in Stockholm

Stockholmers love their hot dogs or as they call them korv med bröd and there is no shortage of hot dog stands through out the city to stop and grab a quick snack at. But if you are looking for the best dang hot dog stand in all of Stockholm, then read on! The best hot dog stand in Stockholm is, not surprisingly really, located in the fanciest part of town, Östermalm. But the stand itself is not too boisterous. 
See, just your average looking food stand but the queue lets you know this place is worth the wait! Not only do they have your average hot dog but this stand also has hot dogs and sausages from all around the world. With so many choices I'll have to return soon to sample a different tempting flavor.
Dale got a Polish sausage and I opted for an Argentine Chorizo. Both were quite tasty! The sausage comes stuffed in french bread with 'American Sauce' (which I think is thousand island dressing) and sauerkraut. 
So, the next time you are in need of a protein fix in Stockholm now you know where to go: Östermalms Korvspcialist!
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