Friday, November 4, 2011

Jenny Benny

I recently had the supreme pleasure of Miss Jenny Benny visiting and the visit just happened to fall on dates when Dale was gone so it was the ultimate girls only vacation. Technically I wasn't on vacation but I didn't have to work so I'll count it. 
We were good little tourists and spent one day just walking through the main parts of the city from Vasastan through T-Centralen to Gamla Stan. 
We had fun perusing the flea market at Hötorget although the only thing we bought was candied almonds. Those candied almonds were quite delicious though.
It was a grey fall day, although that seems to be the norm these days. Behind the leaves is the Grand Hotel which is where the Nobel Prize dinner is held on December 10th. I will be sure to stop by then to see if I can spot anyone important. (I'm not sure I would recognize anyone though, ha!)
I have been surprised at how much foliage Sweden has and just how long the beautiful colors have lasted. More on that later, but it was a beautiful day to explore the city, take in the sights, and have girl time with my  girl Jenny!
Love Always,


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