Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Systembolaget Surprises

Sweden has a state controlled monopolistic alcohol system called 'systembolaget'. It's the only place you can get alcohol, they tax you a whole lot on the purchase, and the stores have really limited hours. All of which do successfully reduce the purchase and consumption of alcohol. But on a recent trip to the systembolaget I handed over my id out of habit from the good old US of A and was surprised to be given a reward for my good behavior. (Only in Sweden right?!) Here's what I got:
As soon as I was home and snapped a picture to share with you all I opened the goodies up to figure out just what the heck they were. It turns out the tin is mints and the cards are some sort of brain puzzles for which my Swedish is not goon enough to use.
This one definitely falls into the more unusual and surprising things I've encountered in Sweden.
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