Monday, November 7, 2011

Fotografiska Fika

The next adventure with Miss Jenny was to the Fotografiska Museet, the photography museum, to see the Mapplethorpe exhibit.
Fotografiska is a nice museum on Södermalm which only houses photography exhibits (my favorite!) and mostly focuses on housing special exhibits. The Mapplethorpe exhibit was very well done and really interesting. I had heard of Mapplethorpe but wasn't familiar with his work it was nice to learn more about him. After we were finished with the exhibit we went to the top floor cafe for fika.
Not only does there cafe have really great pastries and hot cocoa's but the view is quite easily the best in the city. (FYI: You have to pay entrance to the museum to go to the cafe)
How could you not enjoy taking this in? Really, I don't believe I actually live here. Stockholm is so beautiful all times of the year.
Everyone else was enjoying the view too.
Once we finished up we enjoyed the view in the elements for a bit longer before meandering home through the streets window shopping. Days with your best friend are difficult ;)
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This blogpost has the date monday, november 7, 2011 (top of webpage). Today it is november 4 so something is not the way it should be...or maybe I missed a couple of days somewhere ;-)


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