Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I have fallen in love, with a cheese! It's not made on the cheese-trail but I'm still cheese'n and freeze'n!

Not just any cheese, Vasterbottensost. The company that makes this cheese describes it as:

Vaserbottensost has a fruity, somewhat nutty aroma. The flavour contains hints of truffle, toffee and bitter almond. The cheese is creamy, round, full-bodied and moderately salty" and goes on to say it's a balance between salty and milky goodness. http://vasterbottensost.com/en/about/

If you see this in your local grocery store pick it up, it will not disappoint! Pure yumminess!

Love Always,

P.S. Pops I put cheese'n and freeze'n in there just for you!


Krystle said...

OMG Matil!!!! That sounds/looks amazing. Eat some for me please :)

Matilda said...

Krystle, I think I've been eating enough for the whole USA! Must.Go.For.Run. :) Miss you!

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