Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our Apartment

Here's the photo tour of our apartment that you all have been waiting for. (Okay, maybe not waiting for but I can pretend right?!)
This picture is looking down the hall at the entrance:
The doorway on the right that you can see is open is our bedroom:
Here's a picture looking out the bedroom window while it's snowing:
Then we've got bathroom #1
And bathroom #2
Then the kitchen:
Living room:
We don't have a tv but there is a projector and screen so we can watch movies and that's all we need!
Here's the view out the living room window:

And finally bedroom #2:
As you can see we've got plenty of space in this apartment. So come visit! Well, we're only at this apartment until the end of March, then who knows where we will be. But I'm sure we'll find something nice, just not this nice and this inexpensive. If you somehow find this blog Jessica and Jonas, thank you for letting us stay at your apartment! It's wonderful!

Love Always,


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys are having a very exciting adventure so far.....Very CUTE apartment!!!
Miss you guys!! Love you Both..Dana

Krystle said...

Super cute! :)

Gzo_Avaria said...

Liked the floor... I like wood floors. So, is that a University apt. or is just like a common one?

Great apartment.
Keep us posted about your wondering in the Swedish land.


Matilda said...

Thanks everyone! We like the apartment a lot! Gonzalo, it's not a University apartment, the waiting list was 1 year to get into one, ouch! This is a private apartment we are renting while the owners are gone. It's worked out nicely!

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