Thursday, January 13, 2011

Goodbyes Part 2

For New Years Eve on Friday we had people over to our almost empty FoCo house to celebrate and to say farewell. The guys caused their normal ruckus and much celebrating was done.

Then on Sunday, for our final moments in the FoCo we had lunch with friends at Choice City. I sure am going to miss that yummy place and these wonderful friends!
The house we rented in Fort Collins

 Then we drove down to Denver and had dinner with the framily (more then friends but not quite family)

After we ate a scrumptious meal at Earl's, we broke apart for some quality girl time and let the boys play alone as well :) I'll save myself and all my girlfriends the embarrassment of posting too many of those pictures but here are a couple. Miss you all already!

On our last night in Colorado we went out to dinner at Highland Pacific with Dale's family and my family. It was sad saying goodbye to our families since we've always lived so close to them :( But we'll be back before we know it!

Then in the morning it was off to Boston to visit my family, but Erin, Jason, and Autumn surprised us at the airport for one last farewell (and mimosa!) before we took off.

In Boston (well, Rye and Hebron New Hampshire to be exact) we were spoiled with sea food extravaganza's, puzzling, quality time, and lots of laughter with our family.

Mr and Mrs Face even had a wish lantern ready for us that we sent off on our final night in the states wishing for a good (and safe) time in Sweden. I didn't really get a good picture of the wish lantern in action as I was too busy admiring it, but visit to check these things out! So cool! And it was beautiful over the ocean!
I swear this is over the ocean, I need to improve my night picture skills!
Goodbye Colorado, goodbye USA, goodbye friends, goodbye family!
Love Always,


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