Saturday, January 29, 2011

Het falukorv

While here in Sweden, I've been spending more time cooking. I've always loved to cook but finding time to do so was hard. Since I start work next week I've had time to cook! Hopefully I'll be able to continue to do so because I really do enjoy cooking. After discovering that yummy Västerbottensost cheese I went to the cheese makers website and they have all sorts of recipes, jackpot! Thanks to trusty Google Chrome, which translates webpages for you, I've been able to cook several things from the Västerbottensost website. The first recipe didn't turn out so great thanks in large part to my inability to think in the metric system (Remind me again why the whole world doesn't measure things the same?!) but I'm starting to get the hang of it. The other night I tried a second recipe, this time for Het falukorv, and it came out much much better. Dale enjoyed this one, probably because it's one of the least healthy things I've ever cooked. But alas, it was tasty! Here's the recipe from the website:

(I know it's tiny but you can find the recipe here

It's basically a sausage with slices cut in it and thinly cut bell pepper and onion put in the sliced sausage then covered with creme fraiche and cheese and cook at 175 C for 25 minutes. Easy! Here's a picture of what mine turned out like:
I told you it wasn't healthy! And in the future I'll work on presentation skills before I post more pictures :)

Love Always,


Krystle said...

You just made my tummy growl. Looks amazing!

Gzo_Avaria said...

you mean, why de whole world uses metric and here in the US you use inches? hehehehe.

It looks great, it's 10 in the morning and I would really eat that! (even if it isn't healthy)

Good luck at your "new" job (doing the same old...)


Matilda said...

Krystle, it was so tasty! I'm pretty sure you could make this at home too but not sure what you could substitute for creme fraiche - sour creme maybe?

Gzo, I remember in middle school it was a big deal we were going to convert to metric. We took classes to prepare and everything and then . . . nothing happened! It seems silly not to all use the same measurements! And thanks, I'm excited to start the new job!

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