Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Östermalms Saluhall

This weekend Dale and I walked around Östermalm. We hadn't been to the area yet and I had read online about a food hall there that I wanted to check out called Östermalms Saluhall.
Immediately after exiting the subway at Östermalmstorg we saw the food hall and headed in to check it out. It's a beautiful old building filled with 20 or so different stalls selling vegetables, cheese, meat, and fish. Everything looked divine! Having a very limited vocabulary of animals in Swedish, we opted out of buying most things but will return once we've got a better grasp of what they are selling. We did, however, buy a delicious beef and veggie lasagna which we took home for dinner. Here's a couple pictures inside the food hall.
The lobster on the left labeled "Norsk Lobster" is priced at 890 SEK per kg that's about $62 a pound! The lobster on the right is about half that though, so it's super reasonable! Ha! And why do they sell the lobster already cooked? Can anyone help me figure that out? 
And here's a fish spread. I prefer my meat least resembling the animal it came from so this wasn't the most appetizing to me but Dale thought it all looked great! We'll definitely be coming back here.

Love Always,


frank wheaton said...

It all sounds great......browsing around through food when you don't know what i is brings back memories of our trips to the Vietnamese markets in Denver..... pass the steamed ?, now the fried ?.

Re: why the lobsters are cooked... they don't need tanks then to keep them alive and they will keep longer that way. Here, in lobsta country, common for places to cook lobsters which are near dying or very recently deceased and sell them at a discount.
You're just discovering that you're a cheese freak....I've known that for years.... just new cheases I suppose, but Cabot's will always be high on any list!!!! an envious and salivating Pops

Matilda said...

Pops, it felt a lot like the Vietnamese market except Dale wasn't as game for trying things. I'll have to work on him!

If you buy a cooked lobster how do you re-heat it? Boil it again? Put it in the oven? Seems weird to me! The shrimp are also cooked but the other seafood was all raw. Funny how different countries sell the same thing but differently!

And I've always known I'm a cheese freak, I am a Wheaton after all! Love you!

Erin said...

Cheese freaks are the best!

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