Friday, February 25, 2011


On just about every corner in Stockholm you can find a 7eleven or a kebab shop or a hot dog stand. All of these places primarily sell hot dogs, called Korv in Swedish. I hardly eat hot dogs, only when I go to New England to see my Pops every summer (we still have yet to solve the Schonland's vs. Jordan's debate) or at baseball games. I have to say, the korv adds around town don't make me want to eat more hot dogs!
Hungry? Why not eat a hot dog of unknown contents with some questionable pink stuff on top? Yummy! Nope, I haven't been hungry enough to try it yet but I'm sure Dale will try it one of these days.

At one Kebab stand around town I spotted a guide to help figure out what was on these dogs. I snapped a pic to share with you all and so I could remember to google translate it later! :)

Here's what I found out, left to right top to bottom:
Ketchup and Mustard - the classic, nothing mysterious there.
Cucumber-mayonnaise and Ketchup - hmm not too much of a stretch.
Relish and Mustard - If it's dill relish I'd eat it!
Mustard and Mashed Potatoes - Not a combo I had thought of before. Next . . .
Shrimp Salad - so that's what that pink stuff is! I think I just threw up a little in my mouth!
Roasted onions - This one I just might try, I bet it would be good!

The pink sauce mystery has been solved. Phew. Now I'll be able to sleep at night again!
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Daryl says he hot dog and mashed potatoes sound good. Guess we will be trying them when we come in June.

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