Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I can't believe I've lived in Sweden for over a month and haven't shared with you all the wonderful thing that is Fika! Fika means coffee break and it's an institution here in Sweden. At my work there is a morning fika at 9 and an afternoon fika at 15:00 (they use "military" time here) and it consists of coffee - no pastries at my office- and conversation. It's as much about the coffee as it is about the conversation, the social interaction. At Dale's work though, exists what I believe to be the finest fika in Sweden. They only do the afternoon fika and each week a different person is in charge. This person brings pastries, meats, cheeses, nuts, fruits, etc. He's a lucky guy right?! And Dale doesn't even like sweets! I'm a little jealous of his fika.

We've already grown so accustomed to this daily ritual that when we are out on the weekends we find ourselves stopping for fika at 3 pm, I mean 15:00, I'm still getting used to a 24 hour clock. Here's a picture of our fika this past Sunday.

We love fika! (and I love pastries!) This is a custom that just might stick with us.
Love Always,


Gzo_Avaria said...

You see! That's the same thing we did in Chile! We are missing this here. "Too Many Cofee breaks!"

I'm glad you are getting used to the things they have in Sweden! Enjoy!!!

We miss you guys here. Your office is REALLY depressing.

I'll be waiting for your new postings.
Send my regards to Dale.

Erin said...

Ummmm.... you had me at coffee break and institution!

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