Friday, February 11, 2011

Södermalm Millennium Style

This past Sunday I dragged Dale to the Stockholm Stadsmuseum. It's free and has lots of information on the history of Sweden and more specifically the city of Stockholm. It was nice to walk through but admittedly I don't think I'll return and if you only have a day or two in Stockholm I would say skip it. But the main reason I dragged Dale there was so I could buy a Millennium map to do the walking tour on our own. For about $5 we got this map:
Dale didn't read the books but he did watch the movies with me. Even though Dale didn't really see the point in visiting actual places a fiction series is based on, it was still nice to walk around the island and get to know the uber hip part of Stockholm. And the tour included a really cool walkway on the northern part of Söder which had great views of Gamla Stan. At the bottom of the post are some pictures I took with my fancy camera. The sun doesn't get very high in the sky this time of year, like not even high enough to get daylight down to the streets from the high buildings. So even though I took these pictures about 1 pm the lighting is terrible. I'd like to go back in a couple months and retake some of these when there is more light.

We kept the map so if you come visit and like the Millennium series, or just like walking, you can do the walk too! 

Love Always,
1/125s, f/7.1, ISO:100
Self Portraits are hard with the fancy camera!
1/200s, f/18, ISO:400
Look at all that ice!
1/200s, f/20, ISO:800

1/500s, f/20, ISO:800
1/100s, f/6.3, ISO:100
This is Mikael's Apartment, in real life this is probably the most expensive apartment on Söder
1/20s, f/20, ISO:800
I'm a sucker for a pretty doorway


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Erin, I think you're the only other person that appreciates this but it was pretty fun actually! By the end I was sick of it but Dale made us stick to the map and finish the tour. He's silly!

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