Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Here are some pictures of the KTH campus that I took after a meeting with the people I will start working with next week. Everyone is very nice and the work will be interesting and of a good variety so I think I'll be very happy there. Also, all my co-workers are native Swedes so I'm hoping I'll be able to learn a good amount of Swedish from working with them.

The picture below is the left half of the building I'll be working in (but my office is in the right half on the 2nd floor) and this building is the main building for KTH.
Outside "my" building is a courtyard and as I was leaving my meeting it just happened to be about dusk and I liked the lighting so I snapped this picture.
I walked from the meeting to Dale's office to meet up with him to go get our ID cards, our last administrative task in moving here. There was a nice viewing looking over Östermalm from the KTH campus.
I didn't feel like dragging my fancy camera to the meeting so these are all from my point and shoot.

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