Monday, February 7, 2011


On our way to a meet up event in Södermalm Dale and I walked past a small stadium and noticed two Zamboni's at the stadium grooming the ice. 
We poked our heads in to this outdoor stadium, which had no doors or anything closing it off from the public. The stadium was covered with posters for Hammarby Bandy.
Intrigued by this new sport Dale and I had never heard of that's played outdoors on a rink which looks like hockey, we made a mental note to look into it and proceeded to our meet up event. While at the meet up, we made friends with a man from Switzerland who is living in Stockholm to play bandy for the semi-pros. Now we really need to go to a game! Can't wait to check that out! Here's a link to the wiki page explaining Bandy if any of you out there want to know more about the sport:

Oh, and by the way Meet Up is a website which, "helps groups of people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities around the world" and I joined the Stockholm Expat Meetup Group to help meet people here. We've only been to one event so far but it was fun!

Love Always,


Luciana - Fernando said...

If you start liking bandy you'll end up loving soccer!

Matilda said...

Lu y Fer, we are going to a game this weekend so I'll update then! I've never got in to soccer but I do like hockey so we'll see if I like this! Has it been super cold in the south? It's been wayyy too cold here! I'm ready for summer, only 6 more weeks of winter to go :)

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