Monday, January 24, 2011


I know I notice the weirdest things but I found the difference in shopping baskets between Stockholm and the States interesting. There are the "normal" carry baskets available which is what Dale and I use, then their are pull along baskets that Dale and I find rather humorous. Here I am with one.
It's about the same size as the "normal" carry baskets and I guess if you stuff the baskets full or with heavy items dragging it would be beneficial. But it's going to be a little while before I'm used to seeing people drag these things around. By the way, we took this while we were shopping in Clas Ohlson which is the closest we've found to target and it's got lots of cool things for the home.

Then you've got the full size carts, same as in the States but you have to give your credit card to get the cart (I assume this is so people don't steal them). If you need this cart you are probably doing a big shopping trip and to make check out easier you can take a scanner for a fee. We don't have a car so we aren't shopping in bulk, because we would never be able to carry it all home, so I'm not sure what the fees are for the scanner and the cart. Here's a picture so you can see for your self.
It was pretty busy when I took this picture so almost all the scanners are checked out but they look just like the wedding registry scanners back in the States. When you are done shopping you give the cashier the scanner and they finish the check out. At all grocery stores and at various other stores you have to pay for your bags but the fee per bag is usually just 1 SEK, about 15 cents in US dollars. I now carry a bag in my purse at all times, just in case I buy something.

Love Always,


Autumn said...

I am so confused. Your date says its the 29th there. That cant be right....right? I love the little baskets that you pull. Do they have wheels on them or do they just scrape along the floor? Im glad you are getting out and about to explore your new home and I am so sorry about your boxes that you shipped. I feel like you should complain, but it would be hard to pin point who would be at fault. The average package goes through 26 different people between drop off and delivery. At least its all there...right?
Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mattie

when we were in france you had to put a euro in the lock to get a cart out and then you get it back when you lock it up. Europeans are serious about their shopping carts!
I can also relate to the no car, carry your groceries, worst part was that corinna made me carry distilled water.
Hope your tap is good!


Matilda said...

Autumn, I'm sneaky and pre-write the posts in one afternoon a week and have them actually post later but screwed it up on this one :) The baskets don't have wheels so the plastic just sort of glides along the floor. We were a little ticked about the boxes but at least that's over and done with now! Miss you too!

Brad, our tap is just fine luckily! I can't even imagine carrying water home too! And keeping an eye out for a little one! You are a saint!

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