Friday, December 2, 2011

Dublin Day 1

The day after our All Saints Day celebration we hopped a plane to Dublin, Ireland. A quick flight and short bus ride and we were in Dublin and ready to explore. We grabbed lunch just off Grafton Street at a lovely place I'll be dedicating a whole post to later - they are that amazing! Then we walked to Dale's #1 must see tourist attraction in Dublin, the Guinness Factory.
The tour is a little bit of a disappointment in my opinion. It's self guided and you just read plaques. They do have some interesting information about the Guinness Book of World Records (which was created to resolve bar disagreements) and the Trinity College harp (when facing left it is the symbol of Ireland and when facing right it is the Guinness logo).

Of course, the real reason everyone goes to the factory is to drink Guinness fresh from the factory. The Gravity Bar at the top of the brewery has a great view over Dublin and a glass of the dark stuff is 'free' with admission. We settled into a couch and took in the view for awhile while sipping our Guinness. I'm not usually a Guinness fan but it does taste better in Dublin. The Gravity Bar view alone makes this a worth while stop and hey, the worlds freshest Guinness doesn't hurt either!
As it was getting dark we left the brewery and strolled along the river Liffey back towards our hotel. 
Ireland has never been a particularly wealthy country and their capital is not the fanciest of places but I loved how cozy 'small town' unpretentious it felt for a capital. And although the buildings aren't that fancy there are quite a few spectacular and old churches. I particularly liked Kinlay House Christchurch, isn't she a beauty?
We rounded out the day with dinner at Palace Bar on Fleet Street in the Temple Bar District. It was a little touristy but they offered traditional meals which was exactly what we wanted.
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