Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Nobel Day

December 10th is the Nobel Day in Stockholm and Oslo with the Nobel Peace Prize being given out in Oslo and the other prizes given in Stockholm. In Stockholm the prizes are handed out at a ceremony at the Stockholm Concert Hall.
Dale and I decided to make an event of the afternoon and we went to the Concert Hall to watch everyone arrive. I didn't have high hopes of recognizing anyone but I was excited to see the Royal Family, well mostly Prince Carl Phillip but Dale has banned me from talking about him so yes I really wanted to see the Royal Family. :)
We watched lots of fancy limos drop people off, some of them even marked with the Nobel Prize Foundations logo. 
But mostly it was too dark to see anything more than the silhouette. Finally we saw a stream of police cars and I knew it must be the Royal Family. Through the Royal limo window I could see Princess Magdalena but unfortunately the family went in a different entrance so my chance to meet Prince Carl Phillip and run away, err . . . see the Royal Family was swayed for now.
After everyone arrived we scurried home to watch the event on Swedish television. The prize giving was in Swedish so we didn't understand much but it was still interesting to see the whole event. After that all the attendees head to City Hall for a banquet which is also televised and a rather strange Swedish phenomenon if you ask me. It's literally just watching everyone eat and occasionally there is an art performance or something going on, but mostly just eating. After that, the attendees supposedly get invited to super secret no cameras allowed dance parties, but I guess I didn't make friends high enough up yet because I can without a doubt confirm I was not invited to any such party. You can watch the video of the ceremonies and banquets, see the menu, find out the designer of the Queen's gown and so much more at the Nobel Prize Website:
Love Always,
P.S. Happy New Years Eve all!! Be safe however you celebrate! Dale and I are celebrating New Years in Bangkok this year and you know I'll be sharing that adventure as soon as I can.


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