Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On Grafton Street

While in Dublin I probably spent 2 whole afternoons just wandering around the Grafton Street area. First of all because it's a beautiful and nice shopping area. And secondly, because I recognized some of the shop and street names from the Nanci Griffith songs of my youth. 
One chain that Nanci never sang about but I quickly discovered is the purveyors of happiness themselves, Butler's Chocolate Cafe! This place is happiness in a cup. Not only do they have the best hot chocolate I've ever tasted but you also get a truffle of your choosing with purchase. Whaaat?! I know. Insanity. I visited almost every day on my trip. It's that good. But, I digress.
At the beginning of Grafton street lies a statue of Molly Malone of the song by the same name about a fish seller in Dublin. Many an Irish-style pub around the world is named after Miss Malone.
In the Grafton Street area you can find upscale chain shops as well as 'normal' shops and local boutiques.
I enjoyed walking around the area checking out all the mix of shops and looking at the architecture, while drinking my hot chocolate!
Of course, I stopped for coffee at Bewley's and just outside this picture there were buskers singing, but not by candlelight. Oh Grafton street. Oh Nanci Griffith.
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