Friday, December 16, 2011

Fallon & Byrne

As previously mentioned, here is my ode to Fallon & Byrne. Fallon & Byrne is the kind of place you are happy to get lost in even though it's tiny and almost impossible to actually get lost in. Everything is delicious and I wanted to try it all. I visited 3 times while in Dublin so I did make a valiant effort towards trying it all. 
Ok, so what is it? Fallon & Bryne is a food hall, restaurant, and wine shop. In Sweden there is a definitive lack of English sandwiches so I was more than excited to pick up a sandwich for lunch. I got one of my favorite sandwiches of all time, a Reuben, and it was delicioso. 
The next day Dale was busy so I snuck back for an unbalanced dinner of cheese and crackers a la Fallon & Byrne.
I had the lady behind the counter pick out her two favorite Irish cheeses for me and oh. boy. Yummmmy! 
The third visit was because while picking up my cheese and crackers I received an invitation to a Christmas open house they were hosting a couple days later. It was in their private party area upstairs and their were banquet tables filled with tasters of chocolate, wine, sausage, cheese, mince pie, and many other glorious things, even bacon jam! What a cool event and a great way to try food from local companies.
Ok, I'm sure you all get it by now. I heart Fallon & Byrne. I live for finding places like this. If ever in Dublin, this is a definite stop!
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