Sunday, December 11, 2011

Howth, Ireland

One of the days in Dublin, while Dale was busy with his conference, I decided to hop the DART and head up to the small coastal town of Howth
I'm still infatuated with trains and subways and such. I guess growing up without them, I'm now overcompensating. So, I was halfway just excited to take a ride on the train and check out the view through the window. The other half of me was excited to take a stroll through small town Ireland. 
Howth is a beautiful little town North of Dublin and right on the coast. It's a fishing village and there are a ton of restaurants which I am sure serve amazing fish meals. I, unfortunately, did not think about that before hand and went in the morning at which point I was not feeling like fish. I'm kicking myself for that mistake. Maybe someday I'll return to try them out!
I had heard the seals hang out here. Maybe I was off season or something but I only saw one seal feasting in the harbor who would poke his head out now and again. I still had a lot of fun sitting for a good while and watching him (or her).
Then I took a nice stroll through the harbor taking in all of the views. I loved the lighthouse and the Island in the distance. And I couldn't believe how murky the water was.
In Howth there are several trailheads to hike/walk several kilometers and up. I had planned on this as my activity for the day. But, of course, as I was about to embark on the trail it got really windy and rainy. Not wanting to spend my day in the elements, I finished walking the harbor before heading back to town on the DART. 
So, now I have to return for the hike AND the fish. At least I got some quality time by the ocean and some beautiful views too.
I definitely recommend this day trip from Dublin, it's only 20 minutes away on the DART. Well worth the piece of mind you will gain in this beautiful little town!
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