Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Postal Service

I wish this were a post about the band The Postal Service whom I love more then any other Postal Service but alas, it is not about the band.

Back in the States we had to pay a pretty absurd amount of money to ship 3 boxes to Stockholm via the US Postal Service (which was the cheapest method we could find). They told us it would take 2 weeks for our boxes to arrive to us in Stockholm. The day after we got to Stockholm Dale checked on the boxes online and it said they had passed customs and would be out for arrival the next day. Hurray! So, I stayed home all day Friday waiting for the boxes . . . and then waiting for the boxes . . . and then waiting some more. They never came! We tried to call the Swedish Postal Service but couldn't get to an actual person, then we emailed the people we are renting the house from and they said the closest post office is 2 blocks from our house and they could help us. So, we go to the post office and despite the internet saying they are open on Saturdays they are not. We go first thing Monday morning and the post office says we can take our boxes but that it would be a heinous charge to actually have them delivered to our apartment, great. So of course Dale and I opt to carry them home for no fee, all 150 pounds! We make it not even half way before we realize we are way too weak to carry 150 pounds by ourselves while trying not to slip on the ice encrusted sidewalk. So Dale goes into the mini market, luckily located right where we gave up the carrying, and convinces the guy working there that we are trustworthy foreigners and he lets us borrow a cart. With the cart we are able to successfully get our boxes (aka our winter clothes!) home much quicker. But I had to check our trail to make sure we didn't lose anything as this is what the boxes looked like when we got them in the house:
 At least that chore is over with! For a couple months at least, we'll see how we move everything to the next apartment! Oy vey!

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