Friday, April 29, 2011

Grindelwald: Day 2

For our first real day in Grindelwald we got up early to ski what was left of the snow before it melted away. Switzerland had a very mild winter this year and while we were there they were having summer-like weather, it was 25 C or 77 F! So, it was closing weekend and what snow they had left was melting fast. We skied Kleine Scheidegg and they were only running 2 ski lifts but we had a great day of spring skiing! In the heart of winter Grindelwald is the converging point for four ski resorts and you can easily switch between all four. Since it was basically summer we only got to ski this one day at Kleine Scheidegg but my quads were still sore at the end of the day and spring skiing is my favorite. I love how warm and relaxed a spring day on the slopes is and this day did not disappoint.
 Dale was pretty stoked to get to ski the Swiss Alps! I think he's already dreaming of a trip back with buddies skiing the 'hard stuff'. He was going to Heli Ski but since the winter was so mild and the spring so warm, the Heli trips stopped just a couple days before we arrived. A bummer for sure but it wouldn't have been worth the money under those conditions anyway so it was nice to have someone else make the decision for Dale instead of him agonizing about what to do.
Here's the view from the base looking up at the glaciers. We got a really great cloud free sun shining warm spring day.

I thought the chair lift was pretty cool looking and I liked the way the orange covers looked with the white snow everywhere. 
We stopped for lunch and a beer at the top of the mountain in these lovely stone buildings overlooking the glaciers and Alps. It was a pretty amazing view!

And one last picture, this one of Dale and I happy to get some ski time! It's slowly been killing Dale every time it snows in Colorado and he sees the snow report and can't go skiing. So this was a small redemption for him.
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