Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our (New to us) Apartment

Let me introduce you to our new-to-us apartment:
First thing inside the apartment is a walkway, this leads to the living room on the left and the kichen straight ahead.
Below is a better shot of just the kitchen, but it's not very wide so it's hard to capture on camera. It's quite the change from our gargantuan stainless steel wonder at the last apartment, but this works just fine too.
Ok, maybe 'works just fine' is a stretch. This kitchen has got some quirks. For instance, you can't use the oven and the stove at the same time or it trips the circuit breaker for the whole apartment. The landlord says she will get this fixed but I'm not holding my breath! Also, the glasses we were provided with are tiny. Dale claims we are at the new juice glass emporium and that the cooking supplies remind him of Stinson as well. But, it's never a bad thing to be reminded of Stinson!

But back to the tour, through the front or back of the kitchen you go to the big living and dining room. Here are pictures from both sides of the room.

The white couch on the right folds out in to a bed and that's what we were sleeping on until last night. We bought a real bed over the weekend and on Monday had it delivered. The delivery service just brought the bed to the main entrance. So Dale and I had to carry it up 5 floors to our apartment on our own. It was exhausting but worth it to sleep on a bed and not a futon. Here's the bedroom with the bed in place.
Behind me are separate closets. And finally our teeny tiny bathroom below.
So, that's where we 'hang our hats' for the rest of 2011 anyway. I warned you the decor is 50's. We really haven't done a whole lot with the place yet and I'm not sure how much we will. As much as I'd love to spruce the place up, I know anything I buy I'll throw away at the end of the year so I'm not so motivated. We did have to make a trip to IKEA over the weekend to get some more towels, another set of sheets, and expand the limited cooking supplies we were furnished with. So, Dale's an IKEA pro now! The decor aside (and we are already almost used to that), we are loving how much space we have for a city apartment, how close we are to work and everything, and being in the city! Hope you like it too!
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