Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Haga Park

There is a big park just north of Stockholm proper called "Haga Park" which used to be the Royal Family's summer residence but is now open to the public to enjoy. I'm behind in posting this one, the snow is long gone. But about a month ago we had a particularly warm day and I took a nice walk around Haga Park and the lake it is on, Brunnsviken. First thing I noticed was the Copper Tent which used to be stables but today houses a cafe.
Then it was on to enjoying the reflections and colors the lakes melting ice caused. I had a lot of fun being able to spend some time outdoors and play with my camera. Stockholm seems like a whole different city with the ice gone, there are parks and water everywhere that I didn't know about!
And finally, I was so excited to have found some signs of spring! Flowers blooming!
Stockholm is really coming alive. Not just in nature, the whole city is coming to life too. People are starting to go do things, there are events happening throughout the city, that sort of thing. It's really interesting to see how drastic the change is from Winter to Summer!
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Jorge Filevich said...

I used to run around the lake brunsviken (?) by that park all the time. We lived in the round building that surrounds the tall tower right before you get to the lake. Plans for the summer yet? We will be there. We need to talk.

Mike said...

Spring!! Looks like you had to search pretty hard for a sign of spring. It's going to be an amazing summer there though. Snowed here over the weekend.. I wore flip-flops in protest.

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