Thursday, April 21, 2011


Sweden is Americanized enough to have McDonald's, Burger King, and Subway but they also have their own fast food chain called MAX. Normally I don't eat fast food but in the off chance I might get a cultural experience, I did try MAX. 
That's Dale above with the menu which was pretty much your standard burger joint but I think Dale was happy to get some "American" food. The menu at the checkout broke down the CO2 used to make each item which we thought was interesting and we haven't seen anywhere else. I just looked into it on their website and they offset their carbon footprint: That puts them a step ahead of McDonald's and Burger King in my book!
Here's our order - I told you it was still your standard burger joint! Below is a close up of the chili fritters I got and they were quite tasty!
Yummy! Just looking at them makes me hungry for more!
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Mike said...

Yum!! I like those fritters.. looks very much like a McDonalds.

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