Friday, April 1, 2011

Visitors in Stockholm, Part 2

Our next day touring Stockholm we went to the Nobel Museum in Gamla Stan, I think it's safe to say that after seeing both Nobel museums in one week we are now Nobel aficionados!
This is a letter they had on display written by Nobel Physics Prize Winner, Albert Einstein. Pretty cool!
Here are the girls in the Museum. It was a lot of fun to read about the prize winners and the history of Alfred Nobel. He made his fortune inventing dynamite which he patented and eventually opened up dynamite factories all over Europe. In a freak accident his brother died and Alfred never married or had children so Alfred had no heirs. In an attempt to encourage academia and to 'right the wrong-doings' from dynamite he left his fortune to create the Nobel Prizes in Peace, Physics, Literature, Chemistry, and Medicine. In 1968 Economics was added but this was not one of the original awards. The website has all the information if you want to learn more about these amazing people:

Next we took a nice fika break and indulged in one more pastry, don't judge, it's vacation!
Nicola went for a second attempt at a chocobulle and this one had a marshmallow center just like her first attempt several days prior but the ones Dale and I tried separately were cake so can anyone out there solve the great chocobulle mystery of 2011? Marshmallow or cake? Does it depend on if it's a log or ball?
For our final Stockholm adventure we went to a traditional Smörgåsbord at Ulriksdals Wärdshus which is actually so near our house that we walked and it's a good thing because we ate so much we needed that little bit of exercise! I failed entirely on photographing the Smörgåsbord but I assure you that it was filled with herring prepared more ways then you thought possible and lots of delicious desserts. 
Here are the girls outside of Ulriksdals as it's snowing. It was a nice calm afternoon snowstorm which was perfect to nap off our food coma and prepare to enjoy Stockholm nightlife later on that evening.

It was a lot of fun with Emma and Nicola visiting - come back!!!
Love Always,


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