Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Visitors in Stockholm: Part 1

I was a bit of a slacker about taking pictures in Stockholm while the girls were visiting, I guess I was just enjoying myself too much! So even though the girls were here more than two days I'll just be recapping in 2 posts. Dale had to work while the girls visited so it was just me and them exploring. I have heard much praise for Skansen, and open air museum on the island of Djurgarden and Nicola really wanted to see a Moose so we headed there. Most of the booths were closed this time of year but we still had fun looking at all of the Swedish animals and the examples of Swedish architecture. It must have been feeding time because all the animals were out and about, I even got this picture of an owl flying with a duck in it's beak!
We all agreed the Moose and Reindeer seem smaller here, anyone know why? Those are Moose in the picture above and Reindeer below with the Stockholm city scape.
We had so much fun looking at the animals we decided to eat them :) Ok, ok that might not have been the thought process but after Skansen we went to Östermlam Saluhall for a beyond delicious lunch or traditional Swedish food. We scarfed it down too fast to take pictures but oh man, we were in heaven! At the Saluhall we bought some reindeer meat and a moose sausage. After not finding much information online about how to cook reindeer meat I called up Mountain-Man-Mike in Colorado and he suggested we soak the reindeer in milk overnight and then cook it on the stove. We had read online that marinading the meat would hide the reindeer taste so we didn't put anything on it. Here's Dale with our reindeer meat in the middle of the pan and some pieces of the moose sausage around the outside.
Overall we decided the reindeer meat was good but nothing out of the ordinary. The moose sausage on the other hand, had a really distinct flavor to it and we all thought it was the better of the two. Although it was in sausage form so this could have skewed our opinion. Hopefully the Saluhall will have Moose meat one of these days so we can try it for a more fair comparison. Sorry Rudolf and Bullwinkle, hopefully Santa will forgive me!
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