Friday, March 25, 2011

Oslo: Day 2

We started our third day in Oslo with a ride on the ferries to check out the place from the water. I wish we would've had enough time in Norway to go up to the fjords but I guess that's another trip for another time. The ferry ride was a lot of fun and we all were mesmerized watching the ice break for us to travel through and then reseal again behind us.

We're on a boat!

It was great to see some of the smaller islands and I always enjoy a good boat boat ride. 

Next we hopped on the subway to head to Holmenkollen. At the end of the subway line we were on you can actually rent sleds and ride them all the way back in to town and hop the subway back up again! How genius is that?! We weren't adequately dressed to try it out but we did see lots of sledders on the subway and it looked like lots of fun!

Holmenkollen in the worlds oldest ski museum and contains skiing artifacts from 4,000 years ago! It was pretty cool seeing the evolution of skiing and ski gear. We also had fun mimicking the statues. 

Holmenkollen isn't just a ski museum though, it is also home to the recently opened (March 2010) ski jump. I've watched ski jumping on TV and while I didn't think I could do it, it didn't look so bad. Standing at the top of the jump looking down though, you couldn't pay me enough to try it!  

The view from the top was pretty great though!
Next we headed back in to town for a relaxing evening. We kept seeing these tiny cars similar to smart cars around but these ones were called "buddy" and I just loved them. So, here's me with my buddy - whose going to get me one? :)

 We went to the local market and bought some Norwegian candies, soda, and liquor to taste. We were 50/50 on the candy, and missed completely on the soda and liquor. I guess there is a reason you don't hear about food from Norway!
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