Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hammarby Bandy

This past weekend Dale and I finally made it to our first Bandy game. What you all had told me was correct, it's more or less soccer on ice with short little hockey sticks.
Here's our team in the goal to prevent the other team from scoring on a "corner kick". We don't know what it's called in bandy but that's what they call it in soccer.

The crowd was mostly men and everyone had "coffee" cups if you catch my drift! While there is no doubt everyone is there for the game, it seemed like singing was the second highest reason everyone was there. I kid you not! This crowd loved singing! I found this video on youtube and it's the opening song the home team sings, I guess in lieu of the national anthem.

Then the game began. It was the semifinals game for a local bandy team near our house. The team started out strong and scored a goal in the first minute.
Unfortunately they did not score again until 80 minutes later.
The game is played in 2 halves each 45 minutes long. At half time it was 2-1, Hammarby was losing. But this didn't keep the crowd from singing! When it was all said and done Hammarby lost 4-2. We had a good time figuring the game out and singing with the guys.
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