Sunday, March 27, 2011

Oslo: Day 3

For our last day in Oslo we went to the Munch Museum to see Edvard Munch's collection. It was impressive how many mediums he used for his art and we were surprised that we all liked his poetry so much since none of us even knew he wrote poetry! Munch's most famous piece is "The Scream" of which he made 3 different versions and 2 are at the Munch Museum but they currently only have one of them on display so we didn't get to see the famous version. The third version is at the National Art Gallery in Oslo and we went to see the art collection there but unfortunately almost the whole museum was closed for renovations so we didn't get to see much.
Then we stopped for fika and enjoyed some Norwegian cakes, yummy!
Next we went to the King and Queen's house. It's only open to the public in the summer so we weren't able to go inside but we had fun walking around the gardens and watching the guards.
To conclude our time in Oslo we walked around a little bit more, stopped in to some super cheesy Norwegian History Museum's and then finally settled in to a restaurant / pub for some food before our flight home and some serious card game playing.

Oslo was a good time but it certainly is one of the most expensive cities! For the capital of the country, Oslo felt tiny I suppose that's not too surprising since the total population of Norway is under 5 million and the population of Oslo is about 1.5 million. I found it interesting that everyone we met was so nice and friendly, here in Stockholm people are very quiet and reserved in general so I wasn't expecting their neighbors to be different. I would like to make a trip to Norway again in the future to visit the Fjords, hopefully some day!

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