Sunday, March 13, 2011

Semla Update

Remember when I introduced you to Semla? I had bought one from the grocery store and wasn't very impressed but I had oh so gracefully volunteered to try one from a bakery, just to see if that one would be tasty. See the sacrifices I make for you readers? ;) I was reminded of that promise when I picked up the newspaper the other day and the issue was all about finding the best Semla in Stockholm. I'm telling you, they love this pre-lent baked treat immensely.
This past Tuesday was Fat Tuesday or Fettisdagan as they call it here, the official day to eat semla. So I figured it was the best day to make good on my promise. There is a bakery near my school called Liselotte Hembageri (Norrtullsgatan 11) and I stopped by after class on Tuesday to pick up my semla.
The bakery was packed and they were almost sold out of semla! But I managed to get my hands on one and got it to go so I could eat it at Fika later.
The verdict? So much better than the grocery store version. The whipped cream was not too thick, in fact it was nice and airy, and in the almond paste I could taste the fresh almonds. Good thing these things are only around for a limited time or I would be fat every Tuesday!

If you wan to try to make them follow this link:

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