Monday, March 21, 2011

Visitors (and Oslo)!!!

This past week Dale and I had our first visitors!!! My sister Emma and our friend Nicola came for one week and we spent half the time in Oslo, Norway and the other half in Stockholm. We had lots of fun, lots of laughs, saw lots of museums, and ate lots of pastries! In this post I'm just going to recap Day 1 of the visit.

The girls arrived bright and early to Stockholm and we brought them home to shower, change clothes, and have morning fika. Then it was off to walk around the city (just a little bit, I'm not too cruel to those with jet lag) and eat some lunch. After lunch we hopped on our train to Oslo. It took 5 1/2 hours to get to Oslo and we spent the time napping, playing cards, enjoying wine with snacks, and lots of laughter!

Here's what most of the scenery from the train ride looked like:

When we got to Oslo we checked into the hotel. Emma rocks and got us two free rooms at the Double Tree which just opened and was much nicer then we ever could've afforded! We had dinner at the first restaurant we could find and we all shared two tapa's plates. Then we hopped over to a pub next door to try out some local brews. We weren't too impressed with Norwegian beer but we did meet a bunch of Swedish folks who were very nice and we had a great time. Norway is more expensive than Sweden, in fact Oslo is often listed as the most expensive city in the world. But these Swedes told us the salaries are higher in Oslo and that's why they all were living and working there.

Day 1 was lots of fun, especially for a travel day!

Love Always,


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