Monday, March 7, 2011

Blåbär Cafe

The other day Dale and I stopped for lunch at the Blåbär Cafe and it turned out to be our favorite restaurant in Stockholm so far! Dale thinks I might be biased, he claims I would never talk ill about blueberries. He might be right but I still think this place was great!
 We went to the location in Odenplan but the website says they also have a location in Kungsholmen. Blåbär Cafe has probably 20 salads prepared already and you can choose either 4 salads, a sandwich and one salad, or some hot meals (lasagna, chicken, etc.) but the salads are obviously the specialty here. Not only did everything look delicious but the prices were good too, a rarity in the expensive Nordic!

Dale and I both choose sandwiches which turned out to be panini style, yummy! Dale got a lamb and tomato sandwich with a 3 bean crawfish salad and I got a goat cheese and peperoni sandwich with a greek style salad which had a feta dressing. We left quite happy and already making plans to return.
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