Friday, July 1, 2011

MS Romantika

We recently had the great pleasure of our dear friends Laura and Logan visiting! The weekend they got here was rainy and overcast, not good for touring Stockholm. So, we decided to take a cruise! I got on the internet and checked out the Tallink Baltic ferries because I had heard they were good. Not only did they have some weekend cruises, they were on discount since it was so last minute. Score! I booked the ferry for all of us to Riga, Latvia and next thing we knew we were packing for our trip.
All smiles on the way to the ship. We went to the wrong ship first but after we kept walking a little longer Logan found our ship for us. Dale was the only one who had been on a cruise before so the rest of us were pretty amazed at how big the ship was.

We got on board, put our luggage down, and immediately went up to the deck to watch the Archipelago pass us by and chat with my Laura. It was so nice to see her, love that lady! The guys got some good man chats in too!
We ate dinner on board at the buffet which included lots of regional specialties, including Laura's favorite jelly turkey! :) The food was decent but we all thought it wasn't worth it for the price. After dinner we went back to the deck to check out the midnight sun. This picture was taken about midnight, that's pretty much as dark as it gets these days and the sun starts coming up (although it never feels like its down!) again about 2 or so. It's really strange!
Then we went in to the club and jammed a little before crashing for the night. Night one on the MS Romantika to Riga was a blast!
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